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Aircon Repair

When aircon starts getting too faulty, for whatever possible reason, there is no other solution but to have it repaired unless the owner is willing to shoulder the cost of buying a new unit. Aircon repair is a more cost effective solution than buying a new unit. iCool provides a suite of services including repair and troubleshooting for A/C units. We supply quality parts and cost efficient solutions to any airconditioner problems. Contact us to for a free quote.


We will cover the following

General check of aircon unit for faults
Troubleshooting of aircon units
Repair and replacement of parts as required
Testing and commissioning of unit
Warranty for parts included

Our servicing Rates

General Aircon Servicing
for Fan Coil
1 Fan Coil (9000-12000BTU)S$30 NETT
(2 units onwards)
Normal Chemical Servicing
for Fan Coil
1 Fan Coil (9000-12000BTU)S$40 NETT
(2 units onwards)
Chemical Aircon Overhaul
for Fan Coil
1 Fan Coil (9000-12000BTU)S$150 NETT
Topping Up
of Aircon Gas
(Per Outdoor Condenser)
(Per Outdoor Condenser)
Chemical Wash Outdoor
Condensing Unit
Per UnitS$120
Troubleshooting & CheckingPer TripS$50

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