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Normal Chemical Servicing

When it comes to the maintenance of an aircon, varying techniques and methods are applied. One that is often suggested is the aircon chemical servicing. This technique is commonly done to those units that are rarely maintained.

Aircon chemical cleaning involves dismantling the unit to effectively and thoroughly clean the different parts of the aircon with a special chemical. Each part is soaked in the chemical reagent to ensure that dirt and other particles that lead to substandard performance of the unit is removed or washed off.

Aircon units that are chemically washed could perform as if they are brand new. They also use up less energy which results in energy savings. Moreover, bacteria that could trigger allergies and other conditions are removed thus a cleaner and safer air circulates within the room. Contact Us today for Chemical wash of your aircon units.


We will cover the following

Cleaning & washing of filter and fancoil cover
Check deodorising and purifying filter. Cleaning the evaporator coil with CHEMICAL (without dismantling down unit)
Cleaning the blower wheel and fan blade
Cleaning of the drain pan
Vacuuming of drainage system
Checking for noise problem
Tightening of electrical contacts
Checking of the refrigerant system
Checking of the condenser unit
Test run the system
Minimum of 2 fancoils per house

Our servicing Rates

General Aircon Servicing
for Fan Coil
1 Fan Coil (9000-12000BTU)S$30 NETT
(2 units onwards)
Normal Chemical Servicing
for Fan Coil
1 Fan Coil (9000-12000BTU)S$40 NETT
(2 units onwards)
Chemical Aircon Overhaul
for Fan Coil
1 Fan Coil (9000-12000BTU)S$150 NETT
Topping Up
of Aircon Gas
(Per Outdoor Condenser)
(Per Outdoor Condenser)
Chemical Wash Outdoor
Condensing Unit
Per UnitS$120
Troubleshooting & CheckingPer TripS$50

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