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Reasons You Should Schedule Regular Air-Conditioning Services In Singapore Now - I-Cool Air-Con Services

5 Reasons For Regular Air-Conditioning Services

Most of us are highly dependent on air-conditioning to combat the all-year-round Singapore heat —a cool temperature helps us focus on our tasks while maintaining our health and peace of mind. Despite that, the importance of air-conditioning services is still overlooked. Since it undergoes natural wear-and-tear, it’s a mistake you’re making with your air-conditioning unit to not get it checked regularly. By scheduling regular aircon services, you’ll maintain it at maximum efficiency so that you can enjoy clean and fresh air throughout the day.  Getting it checked by the right air-conditioning service provider will save you money in the long run. Besides cost, here are 5 other reasons why we encourage you to schedule reguar servicing for your air-conditioning unit now.

Improved Air Quality

If you’re using your air-conditioning for long hours, dust accumulation will occur more often than not. By regularly maintaining your air filters, you’ll maintain or improve the air quality in your room as it will be properly filtered from dust, pollen and pollutants. The possibility of falling ill will also be lowered.  That’s not all. A clean air-conditioning unit will also operate more efficiently by preventing contaminants from damaging it, producing the cleanest and coolest possible-air consistently.

Lower Energy Costs

When your air-conditioning hasn’t been properly maintained, it will work at severely reduced efficiency. That means that it requires more energy to convert warm air into cold air, resulting in hefty energy bills. With regular air-con services, your aircon will not only see improved overall efficiency, but you’ll also see that your bills are kept to an absolute minimum.

Increased Lifespan

It’s important to note that each time your air-conditioning is used, it’s slowly losing its effectiveness steadily. Therefore, the parts in your air conditioning system must be routinely evaluated for signs of wear.  You should also talk to an air-conditioning service professional about establishing a permanent schedule for regular cleaning for the airflow pipes, to eliminate any flooding and leakage issues. With every aircon service you conduct, you’re actually increasing its lifespan and recovering its performance level. 

Foul Odour Removal

Is your air conditioning unit beginning to smell? Then there could be a buildup of mould and bacteria on the refrigerator coils. Organisms that have accumulated or died, leaving their carcasses to rot could also be the cause.  To ensure that you won’t face such a situation or be presented with a health hazard, you need to schedule a regular air-conditioning chemical wash to get rid of the muck and odour. An efficient way to get rid of the problem from its core is to also prevent unwanted buildup.

Warranty Compliance

Depending on your air conditioning brand, regular maintenance and servicing could be required. Usually stipulated for the first 5 years, you could be forced to pay for any repair works if you don’t take heed and your unit starts having problems.  To increase your chances of utilising your warranty efficiently, it’s best to comply with the conditions stated in it.

Regular Air-Conditioning Services For You

Naturally, there are clear advantages of regular air-conditioning servicing (at least three to four times a year). This will not only allow you to enjoy an efficiently performing air conditioner but also revel in financial gains. At I Cool Air-Conditioning, we want you to enjoy a cooler, comfortable and healthier environment. That’s why we pride ourselves in being the best one-stop air-conditioning service provider for you.  With experienced, licensed and insured experts in our team, we’re sure to help you maintain your air-conditioning unit early and fix it right away. Contact us today!