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DIY Air-Conditioning Services And Repair You Can Do On Your Own

Air-Conditioning Services You Can Do When Your Unit Isn’t Working

When facing a faulty air-conditioning unit, it’s not always convenient to engage an air-conditioning services provider. It might be the timing, finding an appropriate time for the team to come down, or even the cost of air-con services in Singapore. Hence, for smaller issues, many of us might prefer to do it ourselves whenever possible. Although you will need a professional aircon servicing team for complex issues, there are some steps you can take before calling them. To help you save some money on your aircon, here are some aircon servicing tips you can try out when your unit doesn’t seem to be working:

Changing The Battery

Some issues are smaller than they seem. As obvious as that may sound, there have been cases of weak or flat battery resulting in the air-con not functioning as expected of the owner. It’s less obvious when the controller works intermittently. Whether it’s the unit not being as cold as it’s set in the controller or the louvre not moving, some owners might be quick to blame it on the unit itself. Instead, just use the controller with a new set of batteries and see if it works. It will save you a costly trip for something minor.

Reset Electricity At Home

Similar to your computers and other electronic devices, the trick to getting it to work is simply to switch it off and on again. If you’ve already tried that and it’s still isn’t working, you can also restart the entire air-conditioning system, including the condenser sitting outside of your homes. You do that by restarting the electricity in your home and flipping the switch within your home’s electric circuit breaker. Make sure all of your electronics are switched off properly and nothing is going to be affected before you do this. You don’t really need an air-conditioning services team for this.

Tighten Screws & Refit The Casing

If a noisy air-conditioning is your problem, then you should inspect the fittings and screws of your unit’s casing. Your air-conditioning will vibrate when it’s working. Hence, loose parts or fittings will produce a weird sound during the vibration. It’s not always the fault of your air-conditioning installation team. The vibrations of the unit could also cause the parts to become loose over time. Simply open up the case carefully and check every screw and fitting of every casing inside the unit. Tighten any loose screw and refit any incorrectly installed cases. That might help get rid of any unwanted noise.

Clean The Outflow Vents

Your air-conditioning won’t be able to cool your home if the outlet is blocked by various debris, dust, or dirt. In rare cases or in older air-conditioning units, a blocked outlet could be the cause of the problem. Inspect the outlet for blockage and remove them. Since you’re already there, you should give it a clean too. Grab a wet wipe or simply run a wet cloth around the outlet vents. Be gentle though, you don’t want to end up paying for a replacement part in your next aircon servicing.

Cleaning The Filters

When was the last time you took out the filters for a good cleaning? If the answer is ‘never’ or ‘can’t remember’, you might be staring at the problem after all. Clogged aircon filters are detrimental to the functioning of an air-conditioning unit. Remove the casing and carefully take out the filters for washing. For severely dirty filters, you might have to vacuum your floor afterwards. We generally conduct one of our air-conditioning services called chemical servicing in extremely bad cases.

Professional Air-Conditioning Services You Can Trust

All of the steps above are effective in solving small and common problems that plague modern air-conditioning units. When the unit still doesn’t work after that, it’s time for you to call for professional air-conditioning services. Simply contact our experienced team to arrange for us to solve your air-conditioning problems ASAP.