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Aircon Installation

ICool offers aircon installation services. Our installers are highly qualified and are holders of necessary safety certification for such installation. Our years of experience combined with proper training and actual practices have honed our skills and expertise.

When it comes to installing air conditioner units, we always adhere to the quality of the service we promise. Thus, we make sure that our installers come equipped with the right tools and equipment to guarantee fast and reliable aircon installation service.

In selecting the right aircon installation service provider, customers must consider the price or the package, the reputation of the company and their after-sales services. While this is an activity that requires an expert, it does not have to be beyond the budget and below the expectation of the owner. These are among the considerations we have for our clients. So whenever you need to have someone to fit in new air-conditioners, let us know and we’ll be there for you!


We will cover the following

Supply and installation of aircon unit
Piping and cabling work
Labor and materials including copper tubes, rubber insulation, electrical control wires, circuit breaker, pvc pipes and other materials as required
Testing and commissioning of system

Our servicing Rates

General Aircon Servicing
for Fan Coil
1 Fan Coil (9000-12000BTU)S$75 NETT
(3 units servicing)
Normal Chemical Servicing
for Fan Coil
1 Fan Coil (9000-12000BTU)S$40 NETT
(2 units onwards)
Chemical Aircon Overhaul
for Fan Coil
1 Fan Coil (9000-12000BTU)S$100 NETT
(Special Promotion Price for limited time only)
Topping Up
of Aircon Gas
(Per Outdoor Condenser)
(Per Outdoor Condenser)
Chemical Wash Outdoor
Condensing Unit
Per UnitS$120
(Special Promotion Price & Free Gas Top Up for limited time only)
Troubleshooting & CheckingPer TripS$50

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