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Chemical Overhaul

Have you forgotten your aircon unit for a while? Ask yourself how long since you last turned it on. Aircon units that have been left unused for a while might have already developed certain problems. They would no longer function as good as they used to be and one possible solution to this problem is having it serviced for a chemical overhaul.

iCool Chemical overhauling service is a cost-efficient process of proper cleaning and ensuring that all its parts are working properly. Not only that this process guarantees proper functioning of the unit but it also guarantees safety and improvement in its performance.

Chemical overhaul includes carefully detaching the unit from the wall and dismantling its parts. Chemicals are then used to clean the filters, evaporator coils and other key parts of the unit. It also involves checking the thermostat and controls of the unit. Proper testing and dry run are also conducted before the aircon is finally approved for its normal use.

With our chemical overhauling, we will ensure that your unit will be properly and carefully reconditioned!


We will cover the following

Cleaning & washing of filter and fancoil cover
Check deodorising and purifying filter
Dismantling the evaporator coil (dismantling down whole fancoil unit)
Dismantling the blower wheel and fan blade
Cleaning of the drain pan
Vacuuming of drainage system
Checking for noise problem
Tightening of electrical contacts
Checking of the refrigerant system
Checking of the condenser unit
Test run the system

Our servicing Rates

General Aircon Servicing
for Fan Coil
1 Fan Coil (9000-12000BTU)S$75 NETT
(3 units servicing)
Normal Chemical Servicing
for Fan Coil
1 Fan Coil (9000-12000BTU)S$40 NETT
(2 units onwards)
Chemical Aircon Overhaul
for Fan Coil
1 Fan Coil (9000-12000BTU)S$100 NETT
(Special Promotion Price for limited time only)
Topping Up
of Aircon Gas
(Per Outdoor Condenser)
(Per Outdoor Condenser)
Chemical Wash Outdoor
Condensing Unit
Per UnitS$120
(Special Promotion Price & Free Gas Top Up for limited time only)
Troubleshooting & CheckingPer TripS$50

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