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Top 4 Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Making Noises

Dealing with humid and hot weather conditions make air conditioning units a necessity. For both homes and commercial establishments, air conditioning units are used and continuously abused. When you hear some noise coming from an aircon, it is one of the earliest signs that your equipment needs professional aircon servicing. Here are some reasons why your air-conditioning unit is making weird noises when it is turned on.


The most common reason why your air conditioning unit is noisy is due to the aircon compressor. Though compressors last for years, it is important to always check if this part is still doing well. It is the most expensive part of the aircon. In fact, there are times when replacement of the compressor becomes impractical due to its cost. Therefore, the moment that your compressor is making a weird noise, it is highly suggested that you ask for an aircon servicing team.

Loose screws

Another common scenario why your air conditioning unit is actually making noise is due to the loose screws. Because of moving parts, it is common that screws also loosen as the months go by. This is more common among air conditioning units that are continuously being used. Commercial establishments such as workplaces deal with this problem on certain types of air conditioning units. Also, there are instances when noises appear a few days after cleaning the aircon. This means that the aircon servicing personnel simply missed tightening some of the screws.

Clogged coil

Cooling fins are responsible for the air exchange in your aircon. There are many reasons why the coil is clogged — it could be because of dirt, or it could also be due to a bigger problem such as ice on the surface of the evaporator coil. Only a professional aircon servicing team can determine it.

Worn out fan

There are already a lot of problems that could be coming from the fan. The fan will make sure that the cold air is distributed inside the room. Now, if the fan is already worn out due to the lack of lubrication, or damage to the moving parts such as the motor, you can expect noise to come out from the unit. However, the fan motor shaft isn’t always the culprit when the noise is coming from your aircon’s fan. It is also possible that the noise comes from the fan blade. It is common for the fan blades to be rubbing against the housing. For these scenarios, proper aircon services done by the pros will be needed. It has to be evaluated if the fan simply lacks lubrication. Also, it is imperative to evaluate if the fan will already need to be replaced.

Check With An Expert Aircon Servicing Team

Aircon problems usually start with weird noises that come from different areas. It is imperative to ask the help of aircon servicing experts to pinpoint where the noise is coming from and see if it is possible to solve the problem with minimal effort. Contact our professional aircon servicing team today!